Total Horseshit in The Telegraph on the Stratford Shottery Appeal

Please read the decision and then criticize it line by line Nadhim Zahawi MP on grounds of national policy and the development plan, otherwise your just spouting total horseshit repeating arguments utterly rejected by the independent inspector, an independent plan advisory inspector and indeed by local officers, their own environmental assessment, their independent advisers (including me) and indeed local cllrs before they falsely thought they could get away with building far fewer houses in a misunderstanding of the name of ‘localism’.and indeed English heritage (until unprofessionally local political pressure changed their opinion).

Of course as well the dispersed strategy would not have protected small villages, many would have to double in size to make up the shortfall from not building at Stratford and with the independent finding that Stratford has miscalculated housing need by a thord, it would have destroyed those villages.

One thought on “Total Horseshit in The Telegraph on the Stratford Shottery Appeal

  1. The villages in question will not be “destroyed”, this is scaremongering. In fact the village growth rate proposed in the CS to date, albeit a third too low across the board, represents no more than trend rate growth since the 1950s. This rate of growth is entirely sustainable and has proved to be so, historically.

    The solution at Stratford is to widen the dispersal strategy and for locals to accept that there will inevitably be more bolt-on housing estates on the larger settlements. In the light of the Shottery appeal decision, most pragmatic locals will accept this as inevitable when all the fuss has died down – assuming the Telegraph doesn’t start another fatuous campaign along the lines of “hands off our land”!

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