George’s Mad Majestic Tax

So the answer to problems and health and crime in our biblious nation is to ban discounts on multiple bottles of wine.

The measure seems to have been arrived at in panic as most supermarket chains have limited lines  for less than the proposed minimum price for alcohol level – around £3.60 a bottle.

How many middle class customers who can afford multiple bottles of wine these days are the sort the clog up cells on a Saturday night.

Indeed the whole proposal seems to be an assault on the business model of the likes of Majestic,  If implemented they might as well shut up shop.  Indeed a policy to encourage booze cruises and remove potential revenues from the chancellors clutches could not better be devised.

Perhaps we have misjudged the too posh boys who don’t know the price of a bottle of jacobs creek, perhaps the problem is that they are a little bit dim.

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