Since When Was Being a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ a Planning Decision Threshold – More Monster Extension Madness

More bollocks from Boles.  Just try using that and his other reasoning in a planning decision letter.

‘The SoS considers that although the scheme is ugly, has had an architect nowhere near it and blocks all light to the neighbour he does not consider it to be a crime against humanity, will save the owner a few bob on hiring an architect and will put his house price up, his neighbours are not hiring builders and so in not contributing to the economy the impact on their house prices can be disregarded”

If he was a local councillor, he would be as in Fenland suspended from the local planning committee until he had undergone compulsory training.

Sorry St Albans You Were Warned #NPPF

This week the ‘Strategic Local Plan’ goes to St Albans Cabinet.  ‘Strategic’ in this sense seems to be simply to avoid upsetting anybody by not identifying any sites for development.   It feels it doesn’t need to because the target doesn’t require any strategic Green Belt changes, but how was the target derived from ‘objectively assessed need’ no simply the level of development that doesn’t require Green Belt release.  Circular reasoning or what.

Its not as if they weren’t warned.  David Vickery did an advisory inspectorate site visit in 2009 clearly advising that a strategic Green Belt review was required.

This is a no chance plan.  A waste of taxpayers money even to consult on.