Owen Patterson Bans Ecosystem Services


he is said to have forbidden Defra officials from using the phrase “ecosystem services”, a jargon phrase for the benefits bestowed by the natural world.

So what phrase do we use?  Im all for plain English providing it is done from a position of lucidity and clarity not prejudice and ignorance.

Will Civil Servants, Economists and Academics now go around using the code ward – ‘shropshire services’?

What should Fenland Do – JR its own Planning Approval #NPPF

Fenland has got itself into a pickle.  Its planning committee approved two supermarkets in a town against officers advice where the evidence was it could only take one.

Following Barristers advice that the decision would have been unsustainable on JR all 14 members of the planning committee have stepped down and will undergo training.

What should the Council do?  If it bought back the consent it would be liable for massive compensation.  But there is an answer, the Council should JR its own planning decision (remember the vote is the ‘decision’ according to caselaw, not the issuing of the paper consent following S106 signature) for being unlawful for going against the NPPF and the development plan without sufficient material planning reason.  This is not unprecedented.  Councils have challenged there own decisions before, such as in Doncaster where there was corruption.  Then there is no liability for compensation.

LGA Oppose Monster Extensions Plan


Town hall bosses have called on the Government to scrap plans to reform the planning system after warning they could lead to ‘unsightly’ and ‘out of place developments’.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said proposals to increase permitted development rights for extensions to homes could result in inappropriate buildings, which could increase friction between neighbours.

‘This policy potentially gives the green light to unsightly and out-of-place developments, without delivering a big enough boost to the construction industry to justify the potential damage,’ said the chairman of the LGA’s environment and housing board, Cllr Mike Jones.

‘The 22,000 applications which are rejected each year are knocked back for good reasons and it would be totally wrong if extensions which were previously rejected due to objections from neighbours or because they were judged to blight the neighbourhood could now sneak back in unimpeded.

‘We agree with the Government that stimulating the construction industry is essential to economic recovery, but this proposal is not the answer.

‘We need to tackle the housing crisis and that means freeing up lending so first time buyers can secure mortgages and developers can borrow to build.

‘The Government should also lift tight restrictions on local authority borrowing, so councils and housing associations can raise money to invest in new homes.’