The New Hyper-Inefficient Way to Externalise Government Guidance #NPPF

How it used to work.

The government wished to revise policy or issue guidance.

A Chatham House Group was formed, draft were circulated, after 6-8 months you had new policy or guidance for consultation.

Now of course Ministers do not believe that civil serpents have any policy making role.  So policy comes directly from ministers or is ‘externalised’.

So after well over a year from almost every every major relevant planning stakeholder group and expert saying the number one priority for guidance under the NPPF is on how to assess local (and strategic) housing need, otherwise plans simply cannot move forward, especially if RSS is revoked.

And now according to Building

Lord Taylor will lead a small group that will include Andrew Whitaker, the planning director of the Home Builders’ Federation (HBF), who confirmed his involvement today at the annual Housing Market Intelligence conference in London today.

Whitaker said the government was due to formally confirm the review in the next couple of days, and that one of the key issues it would address was what evidence base was required for local authorities to produce local housing output targets.

“I think the Taylor review is likely to say we’ll need guidance on how local authorities can produce those housing numbers,” he said.

…However, in this case the review is thought likely to produce a set of recommendations for issues the guidance needs to address, with the drafting ultimately done internally by officials at the communities department.

So it takes another six months, after a years delay, to get on with a review that everyone knew needed reviewing!

If one were conspiratorial one would think that ministers are now trying to find any excuse to not abolish RSS, knowing that if it were done in an anything goes vacume housing targets would collapse and Osborne would eat the DCLG for breakfast.

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