Schrodingers Cat is Alive and Well – You can Peek in the Box

So you can peek inside the box and not kill the cat

Physicists have managed to gently probe a quantum state without changing it

Which of course support the ensemble interpretation – that the cat is either alive or dead before hand (1 cat a universe) but we are radically uncertain which, so we can objectively apply a probability – Von Neumann and Einstein were right.

Cala – Barton Farm – Decision now on DCLG Website


Para. 24

the Secretary of State has found that, without the appeal site, Winchester does not have a five year supply of deliverable sites for housing. Having taken account of both the Inspector’s analysis and the evidence submitted after the close of the inquiry, he sees no reason to disagree with the Inspector’s view that the appeal proposal is necessary in order to provide an assured supply of housing and meet both short and longer term housing requirements, and that it also makes a valuable contribution to the considerable level of affordable housing need in the district (IR351). Like the Inspector (IR351), he considers that these factors are of sufficient weight to provide the compelling justification for the release of the reserve site under LP Policy MDA.2. In these circumstances, the Secretary of State is not persuaded that this decision is premature (IR351).

Of course if it had not been a reserve site in the local plan given that the LPA has submitted its local plan prematurity might have arisen but the SoS could not have applied the ‘locally derived’ housing target until the inspector had given a view.

Does the West Coast Main Line Inflation Cock Up Affect #HS2 ?

Sue Cameron Telegraph

Unconfirmed reports suggest that ministers were told months ago that the method being used to forecast inflation in the West Coast bids was the same as that being used for HS2, the London-to-Birmingham high-speed rail project. There are also claims, again unconfirmed it must be stressed, that ministers were warned that if the method for calculating inflation was changed for both projects then HS2 would no longer be viable.