Wiltshire Anti Windfarm Policy as Cllr thinks blades can ‘fall’ 3km

Words fail me.  This policy would ban windfarms everywhere but the middle of Sailbury Plain, where presumably falling blades will kill squaddies!


The motion passed by Wiltshire council would ban the erection of turbines within three kilometres of a home for turbines taller than 150m and two kilometres for those over 100m. The council cited “the interests of residential amenity, including safety”, referring to the danger of falling bladesLincolnshire passed a similar motion unanimously, but in Wiltshire, the LibDems opposed it.

“I was very disappointed that anyone voted against it,” said councillor Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for the environment. “I was quite amazed that people want to compromise on safety. We need these guidelines to go forward.”

But LibDem councillor Simon Killane said: “These kinds of statements are completely ill-advised. Where is the evidence? It’s a small-minded political stunt.”

Of course unlike Wiltshire  unlike Lincolnshire is an LPA.  Cant wait for the first appeal mentioning such wimsical policy.

To my mind though any planning policy not put forward through the LDF/local plan process is illegal.  Firstly the 2004 act states that all planning policy must be part of the LDF and also that prior consultation and SEA is needed before it can be become part of the LDF.  This argument is often used, I have used it myself, to rule that motions for ad hoc policy changes would be ulrtra vires.  Wiltshire should get a good legal opinion and report it back to the Full Council.  Before the policy becomes expensive and the council become a laughing stock.

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