Slew of Problems at Kevin Mc Cloud’s Swindon Triangle

Last year we were severely critical of the Glen Howells designed Swindon Triangle project to Kevin Mc Clouds’s Haboakus .

It seems we are not the only ones with complaints


Issues raised by occupants of the £4.2 million ‘environmentally responsible’ social housing development include water leaks, cracks in walls and ceilings and difficulties with doors and stairs.

Haboakus – which developed the 3,465m² project in a joint venture with housing association the GreenSquare Group – said that contractorWillmott Dixon and the association ‘were working together to resolve the issues’.

In a statement the company admitted it was ‘hugely upsetting that residents have had to bear the brunt of the problems’.

3 thoughts on “Slew of Problems at Kevin Mc Cloud’s Swindon Triangle

  1. Cracks in walls and ceilings / badly fitting doors are pretty much standard problems for any new build after twelve months, so this is no big deal. I watched the programme covering the construction of the project and it appeared the entire build was carried out in the rain, it is therefore no surprise that all the contruction materials that were stored outside are now drying out in centrally heated conditions, causing shrinkage.

    Kevin McCloud endured a pretty steep learning curve on this one – I wonder how much it cost him ?(the banks are probably still stinging him for the shortfall!)

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