Appeal Won over Loss of Pub in Cambridgshire Citing #NPPF and lack of Marketing


The Unicorn, 15 High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CB1 9HX

The premises have not been marketed. The appellants argue that there is no policy requirement, either in the Local Plan or The Framework to do so, and that their efforts in recent years to support a succession of licensees have shown that the business is not a viable proposition. … However there has been no opportunity for this concern to be run by another company or as a non-tied operation. For instance, at the Hearing the representative from the local CAMRA branch suggested that these were the type of premises sought by microbreweries which are becoming increasingly popular. It is also a different type of establishment from the more dining/family oriented Red Lion and Robin Hood and, under different ownership, has the potential to offer local residents a wider choice of drinking establishment…The Framework is concerned to ‘deliver the social, recreational and cultural facilities and services the community needs’ and ‘to enhance the sustainability of communities and residential environments’. This is a settlement with a growing population and I consider that there needs to be clear evidence that the site is no longer suitable for social/community use before a change of use such as that proposed is considered.