Lincolnshire CC Scrutiny propose Anti-Windfarm Policy

Press Release

Councillors urge greater caution on wind farms

Lincolnshire County Council’s Environmental Scrutiny Committee has today recommended that the authority takes a stronger position on wind farms.

Cllr Colin Davie, chairman of the committee, said:

“Lincolnshire’s attractive landscape, its coastal and historic areas are the cornerstone of our tourism industry. A proliferation of wind farms would not only have a severe impact on the natural environment, it could also seriously jeopardise a major sector of our economy.

“Similarly, we think it’s unf air for residential areas to be blighted by wind farms, and are particularly concerned about the long-term damage caused to county roads during the construction and decommissioning of turbines.

“On top of this, onshore wind turbines are one of the least efficient ways of producing electricity. The fact that these developments are subsidised through energy bills is also contributing to the increase in ‘fuel poverty’, which currently affects a quarter of county homes.

“For these reasons, we’re recommending the county council resists the creation of any new wind farms in the county, and urge any company wishing to start a development here to think twice.”

The recommendation comes following additional new local and national policies and studies. The proposed new position on wind farms will now be considered by the county council’s executive members on 6 June.

Daily Mail Comment

Winds of change

First, the High Court declared  victory for the Norfolk villagers of  Hemsby in their battle to prevent ugly, inefficient wind farms being built on  their doorstep.

Now Tory-controlled Lincolnshire County Council is to change planning laws so there is a ‘presumption  against wind turbine developments on the grounds of negative cumulative  visual impact’.

Indeed, even George Osborne is said to be getting cold feet, and is thinking of cutting the vast subsidies devoured by the hugely expensive, landscape-destroying monstrosities.

The Chancellor should get on with it. The Coalition’s gimmicky, image-obsessed ‘green’ energy policy has done quite enough damage already.

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