NT Launch Campaign Against Brandy Island Marina


We are leading a campaign to oppose the development of a marina at Brandy Island, on one of the most unspoilt stretches of the River Thames. 

Brandy Island adjoins the beautiful village of Buscot in Oxfordshire, which we have looked after since 1956 to protect its special character. The island is a rich wildlife habitat and its setting has attracted walkers, artists and all who love the riverside for centuries.

Now the peace and tranquillity of the area is threatened by an application for a commercial development on Brandy Island which has been submitted to the Vale of White Horse District Council.

We are strongly opposed to the development and are urging local people and organisations to object to the scheme.

Local people and organisations have until 8 June to lodge their objections to The Vale of the White Horse Planning Authority.

Our reasons for opposing the scheme:

We are a charity that exists to look after special places for people to enjoy. We support new development where it’s appropriate for the local area. In this case we are strongly opposing the scheme for the following reasons:

Land use

This development would have an impact of the character of the local area, which is recognised by the Local Authority as ‘an area of high landscape value’. It would also detract from the unspoilt beauty of Buscot Old Parsonage which is a Grade II* listed historic building.

Nature conservation

The site has notable nature conservation interest and could be even more important as a wildlife habitat. Kingfishers and otters already inhabit the Buscot Lock site and we believe the habitat should be enhanced by returning the whole site to a conservation area.


Traffic will rise to an unacceptable level for local residents. The access roads are very narrow and have no passing places. Buscot Lock attracts visitors throughout the year. It’s a popular picnic spot in the summer as it is a safe and unspoilt place for people to enjoy. The increased traffic will have adverse effect on the safety of the public and their quiet enjoyment of the site.

The increased traffic will add to the existing pressure on the road through the village and increase parking problems. The T junction with the main A417 is already considered dangerous and more traffic in the village will only increase the risks.


The impact to residents both in the village and immediately adjacent to the site cannot be underestimated. Local residents will be immediately affected by the noise of boat owners with power tools, radios and machinery, as will all those who currently enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the area.

The local campaign group is here

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