Teresa May Attempts to Tamper with Scene of PR Crime – and Falls into Perfect Police Trap

Teresa May today turned up at a Police Federation Conference at Bournemouth to speak to find the backdrop displaying ‘cutting police 20% is criminal.  Following ‘heated exchanges’ the fed repositioned the podium to stage right so she wouldn’t be directly in front.  As you can see from the design of the backdrop however, with the typography on the second line offset to the rigtht,  it was perfectly and deliberately designed so that May and banner could be seen perfectly framed in one shot, which she would have half covered had she stayed in the original position.

May is like the perfect Columbo protagonist, the fed relaying on her famous stupid hotheadedness for her to dump herself in the doo doo.

At the end of her speech there was total silence.


9 thoughts on “Teresa May Attempts to Tamper with Scene of PR Crime – and Falls into Perfect Police Trap

  1. I wonder how much public money was spent putting up the backdrop in the first place and how much the wage bill was for the audience to sit there heckling?

    The police are like the Greeks; they want to retire before everyone else (with index linked pension) and spend more time in retirement than they actually did working.

    Today was a reality check….hence the silence.

  2. Know a retired policeman. He has been grossly overweight for 20 plus years and talks nostalgically of having waiting to arrest people until the end of his shift as you got overtime whilst doing the interminable paperwork. He and fellow officers celebrated St George’ Day in pubs chosen for their lack of minority customers. Not a lot of sympathy from me either.

  3. Narrow minded comments above as this is not reflective of the police force in general… Also the conference and ‘backdrop’ is paid for via federation subscriptions!!! The fat police officer that you are referring to is an embarrassment to my profession. I was due to retire at 48… Not through choice, but through the fact I contribute over 11% of my salary into a 30 year pension. We don’t want sympathy….we get no respect from the public and that won’t improve if the government continue to devalue what we do. I’ll not be able to perform a police officers duties at the age of 60.

  4. Retired being the operative word Pandora…. There is no doubt Police officers of the past have had it good and have perhaps not provided quality Policing….I have seen myself how selfish ‘old skool’ officers can be. It has been about money and nothing else….that was the 1970/80’s attitude which is hopefully being flushed out now, but I have to add this really is a minority of longer serving officers. I am a woman in my early thirties, a Detective Sergeant and genuinely care about the service I provide- currently I’m on the Child Abuse command. I am not overweight and never intend to be. As Peter says its not sympathy we want but simply what we were promised at the start….we pay considerably more into our pension than any other public service. I am a mum of two children, I have a mortgage, I’m no different from anyone else. I understand we all have to feel the squeeze but we have already increased our pension contributions, we have a pay freeze for the next 3 years and more importantly we are now going to be made redundant with no come back ie the right to strike. If they want us to be employees and not warranted officers then we deserve the same rights. Watch Teresa May at the conference- if non verbals speaks volumes it is her on this occasion.

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