Cornwall Vote to Approve New Settlement Next to Llangarth Park and Ride Truro

BBC Cornwall

Plans to build 1,500 homes on a greenfield site near Truro [Outline application here  indictative masterplan here agenda here] have been approved by Cornwall Council.

The £140m development proposed by Inox includes a hotel, school and care home at Langarth in Threemilestone.

A petition opposing the application was presented, but the strategic planning committee voted 10 to nine in favour of the application.

The homes are to be built over a 10 to 15 year period, with up to 35% planned as social housing.

The proposal, which also includes provision for a 600-space extension to the existing park & ride, a pub and community and sports facilities, will be now referred to the Secretary of State.

Inox Group is also involved in separate plans for a controversial sports stadium [Stadium for Cornwall] on a neighbouring site.


1. Fishing ponds and stream corridor retained and enhanced creating woodland walks and cycle routes with access to countryside beyond.

2. Wildlife corridors created and Hedgerows retained where possible.

3. Core road to provide a northern distributor road which will link to Trelisk Hospital

4. Proposed Core road providing links to the existing Park & Ride with the option to extend the Park & Ride.

5. New roundabout access off A390 and existing footways and bridle paths to be retained.

I have to say its layout and masterplanning is very ‘Edge City’ rather than Smart Growth, retained hedges but no central open spaces or proper linear park through the Valley?  Not a masterplan but a cellular sprawl of estates – no centrality or walkability focus.  There is a 2011 design brief for the site which simply repeated the developers proposals and was exceptionally weak on urban design issues.  Even with the topography constraints easy amendments could have been made to dramatically improve the sustainability of the design.

So what did CABE say about the design – looking at the report there was no reference to national design review!  Quite extraordinary for a new settlement in effect.  There was reference to the Cornish Design Review Panel, but this has limited expertise on large scale master-planning. Given this is a post NPPF decision with its strong reference to design review this is very curious.


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