Telegraph – Full text of Zac Goldsmith/45 MP letter on #NPPF

The Telegraph

As the Government puts the finishing touches to the National Planning Policy Framework we wanted you to know how much importance we attach to a planning system that protects the countryside and wider environment from inappropriate development.

You will be aware of the substantial public concern expressed about the implications of the draft NPPF which was issued for consultation last year. While some of the fears about the draft were exaggerated, we believe there were some serious problems with the drafting that would make it difficult for the Government to realise fully its ambitions for planning reform and to be the ‘greenest ever’.

We all support a simpler system with more local control, but this should not come at the expense of the ability of planning to protect and enhance the environment.

There are a number of changes to the draft NPPF that are needed to address these problems some of which have been promoted by the Communities and Local Government Select Committee. In particular, we are concerned to ensure that the final version contains explicit reference to:

  • The need to use suitable brownfield land for development before green fields in order to prevent unsustainable urban sprawl;
  • The intrinsic value of the ordinary, undesignated countryside which is loved so much by the local communities we represent; and
  • A commitment to genuinely sustainable development that does not prioritise short term economic interests over long term quality of life and wellbeing.

We know that you attach great value to the countryside and we share your instinctive recognition of its importance. An effective planning system is central to protecting our rural areas from urban sprawl and inappropriate, sporadic development.

We ask you to ensure that the final NPPF enables us to secure the growth and development the nation needs while safeguarding one of our most valuable environmental assets, the English countryside, for future generations.

Yours sincerely,

Zac Goldsmith MP (CONS)

William Cash MP (CONS)

Martin Horwood MP (CONS)

Jonathan Evans MP (CONS)

Andrew Turner MP (CONS)

Jason McCartney MP (CONS)

Henry Smith MP (CONS)

Robert Walter MP (CONS)

Charlie Elphìcke MP (CONS)

Robert Buckland MP (CONS)

Julian Lewis MP (CONS)

Anne Marie Morris MP (CONS)

Chris Heaton-Harris MP (CONS)

Peter Bottomley MP (CONS)

Sarah Wollaston MP (CONS)

Tim Yeo MP (CONS)

James Gray MP (CONS)

Caroline Nokes MP (CONS)

Dominic Raab MP (CONS)

David Nuttall MP (CONS)

Stuart Andrew MP (CONS)

Andrea Leadsom MP (CONS)

James Clappison MP (CONS)

Mark Spencer MP (CONS)

Julian Sturdy MP (CONS)

Margot James MP (CONS)

Heather Wheeler MP (CONS)

Bernard Jenkin MP (CONS)

Nicholas Soames MP (CONS)

Andrew Bingham MP (CONS)

Paul Uppal MP (CONS)

Mike Weatherley MP (CONS)

Simon Reevell MP (CONS)

David Ruffley MP (CONS)

Gordon Henderson MP (CONS)

George Hollingbery MP (CONS)

Geoffrey Cox MP (CONS)

Steve Brine MP (CONS)

Sir Bob Russell MP (LIB DEM)

Greg Mulholland MP (LIB DEM)

Adrian Sanders MP (LIB DEM)

Annette Brooke MP (LIB DEM)

Steve Gilbert MP (LIB DEM)

Andrew George MP (LIB DEM)

Dr Julian Huppert MP (LIB DEM)

2 thoughts on “Telegraph – Full text of Zac Goldsmith/45 MP letter on #NPPF

  1. “James Gray MP (CONS)” is supposed to be my local MP but it’s clear he isn’t reflecting the views of the British population he claims to represent.

    At a time when the government is saying that a housing shortage will cause house prices to rise above the already financially-crippling levels that have destroyed our economy, all attempts must be made to increase the available housing stock.

    The fact that the concerns of NIMBYs that the view from their Kitchen may be spoilt or their house price may be effected are being treated as legitimate reason to control development is absolutely disgusting, and James Gray and the other MPs who put their name to this should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

    Our economy is collapsing and young families are being force to live in shoe box sized houses and the wealthy are worried about their view being spoilt. It’s sickening.

  2. Well done James Gray and others, a fine attempt to stand up to the bullies of the housing industry who will come up with any old nonsense to try and persuade us that they are working in the public interest and not their own.

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