Cutting Greenfield Land Take to a Quarter – The Example of Jakriborg #NPPF

In a previous post we examined how it was possible to still build single family detached homes with one or two parking spaces per dwelling (on -street) at 50 dwellings per Hectare double the current typical mass housebuilder density.

But it is possible to cut down land take to a quarter – by developing at 100 dwellings per hectare, and still have mostly single family homes and miasonettes rather than apartments , if you take a further design leap.

A good example is the new village of Jakriborg Sweden.

This was built in the 1999-2008 by two brothers in the Hanseatic style.  The street layout is decidedly old urban with car free streets and alleyways.  It was deliberately built next to a train station and only occupies 10% of the site.  The idea being that it will grow organically over many years.  Some architects have criticised it as pastiche but of course you dont have to design in Hanseatic style at this density.

The parking area, like for those living in medieval towns, is on the edge of the village, and seems to get little use.

Now ask yourself, does it feel overcrowded?



One thought on “Cutting Greenfield Land Take to a Quarter – The Example of Jakriborg #NPPF

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