Planning Gain – A bronze statue of the Presidents Supermodel Wife

In France a property developer is paying 50% of the cost of a piece of public art as planning gain.

Except in this base its a bronze statue of the presidents wife –  Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

It is the Mayor’s idea for her to pose as a “plumassière” – a female worker from one of the area’s former feather factories – to pay tribute to the local Italian community


3 thoughts on “Planning Gain – A bronze statue of the Presidents Supermodel Wife

  1. Andrew. I’m guessing from the tone of the title that you see this as entirely bad. What is it you find so odd about this. We recently had the unveiling of an art installation ‘The Drummer’ in lemon quay, Truro, on a similar arrangement.

    It elicited quite a response. Negative as well as positive. I suspect there is some PR at work here using Carla as the model however the Italians who migrated after WWII, especially to France, but also to many other places, like Worcester where i was born, made a significant cultural and economic impact on those areas and have become a part of the history of those areas. I like that he has sought to strengthen and recognise those ties with this gesture and because he has a developer foot a large part of the bill should be welcomed.

    I don’t have the full context so i don’t know if the contribution was proportional or how long their housing waiting list is or acute their need for public amenities or services is but i for one applaud something which celebrates heritage, enhances the public realm (as any statue of Carla would) and promotes art to the wider population.

    What are your objections exactly?

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