Rhino Shaped Capital for Southern Sudan will make it Global Urban Planning Laughing Stock

BD has an interesting piece on animal shaped urban plans

In 2010 it was announced that Juba, the rapidly-growing capital of southern Sudan, was to be redesigned in the shape of a rhinoceros.

Detailed architectural drawings of the new Rhino City show that the police headquarters would be situated at the rhino’s mouth, an amusement park at its ear, an industrial area along its back and residential housing throughout the four legs. It would also have a park sited in its horn and a 5-star hotel where the animal’s eye would be.

The nearby city of Wau, meanwhile, was to be modeled on a giraffe, with a large industrial estate in its neck and the sewage treatment plant appropriately placed under its tale. Plans for up to 10 other cities were also announced, based symbols found on their state flags, including pineapples.

“It’s very innovative,” said Daniel Wani, undersecretary of Southern Sudan’s Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning. “That’s our thinking. It’s unique. It’s the Ministry of Housing thinking you have to be unique to attract the people.”

Its not innmo0vative, its stupid, like the animal shaped islands planned in the gulf which quickly proved impractical.

Such designs cannot expand, there is no provision for informal settlement, which were your residents earn 65p a day is essential, and the shapes mean the cities are impractical for walking or public transport.  After a gneration they will be seen as monuments to folly and the egos of those who built them.

Mr Wani – if you want some application of real expertise on the needs and design of African cities give me a call.

One thought on “Rhino Shaped Capital for Southern Sudan will make it Global Urban Planning Laughing Stock

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