The 360 page core strategy!

The whole point of core strategies was to be brief – Bradford’s – after over 5 years in gestation has produced a pre-submission version 360 pages long – and just one of a suite of dpds!

And a very representative document it is repeating the distributional policies between spatial and thematic sections – whilst you can’t actually tell from the spatial strategy policy why some areas have been chosen and other not, and what the strategic sites actually are, even though clearly being taken from a SHLAA.

How the historic village of Haworth – of 2,000 people can justify 600 extra houses I dont know.

In need of a red pen and a very thorough rewrite.

5 thoughts on “The 360 page core strategy!

  1. Even without reading and just based on your comments about a lack of justification, it sounds more like a political document than a planning one.

  2. Have a look at the draft for East Devon:

    Click to access new_local_plan_publication_draft_dec_2011_lowres.pdf

    For every 10 homes in a village there must be a “shed” providing employment and when an industrial site is 75% full it will have the automatic right to expand! Almost no mention of sites where new homes are to be built only that there must be lots of them. And much more in the same vein …

    Until recently, all LDF meetings were held behind closed doors with no published minutes (a long and arduous campaign eventually stopped this) but it is still the case that small “think tanks” can introduce economic, business and other policies direct to cabinet (no minority party members) for vote without scrutiny and with no minutes of their meetings being taken!

    • I have had a look at the East Devon Plan and think it a much better document – though long – it clearly shows locations of strategic sites and the justifications for them, though im sure though justifications will never be enough for those locally effected.

  3. Not sure you are being entirely fair here or consistent with your take on #NPPF. The document is still shorter than the combined length of the national planning guidance, strategic plans and local plans it has to replace. I could write 360 pages on environmental planning matters alone

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