Wayne Rooney needed Planning Consent for Architect Designed Mega-Shed

Architects Journal

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has hired Pulmann Associates Architects to design him a new garden shed.

The England player is demolishing his existing garden store and erecting a new one three times the size.

The new shed, which was subject to planning consent because of the size increase, is to be built in the same position as the existing structure.

According to planning details submitted to Cheshire East Council the new shed has been built with weatherboard walls and a bitumen roof but does not include windows. The new shed also has an internal wall separating a smaller store room with separate door to the main shed.

Not everyone in the local area was happy with Rooney’s new shed. One neighbour complained to the council that the structure was 3 to 4m closer to their home and that the site was prone to flooding.

The neighbour said: “The site of the proposed store has been flooded at least twice in the past 25 years, by the brook that runs adjacent to it.

“Another flood could result in pollution from garden chemicals (e.g.herbicides, pesticides), fuel for machinery etc. that may be in the store.”

Another neighbour objected to the proposals because the tree height at Rooney’s property was too high.


Its not going to win any architectural awards, and its not instantly apparent why planning consent was needed.

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