Exile of the Oldies

President Putin’s party is looking at shipping pensioners abroad to reduce pension costs.

A radical way of improving Russian pensioners’ lives has been put forward by a United Russia member.

Instead of raising pensions, the activist has proposed shipping Russia’s elderly abroad, where it would be much cheaper to live.

According to his calculations, the average Russian pension of $200 a month would be enough to lead a decent life in Latvia, Uzbekistan, India or Bulgaria, while a Moscow pensioner’s $330 would make for a good standard of living in Turkey or Egypt.

As an example, he cited the experience of the1990s when many pensioners emigrated to Israel, Germany, Egypt and Bulgaria. Even now, he added, many well-off Russian send their parents abroad to live in a nice house on the sea shore where their grandchildren often come to enjoy the fresh air.

“We have a choice – either to keep raising pensions, give subsidies and invest money into pensioner-support programs; or to help them move, saving up for the budget and really helping people out,” the activist said.

Is this any different in tine to the Intergenerational Foundation’s Hoarding on Housing report found that 51.5% of over-65s live in homes with two or more bedrooms they do not need or use.

I keep coming across reports from rural district saying they want to reduce in-migration of older people to retain a balanced population, which is a very good excuse for building less housing if you ask me.  Why not just put up signs at the district boundary, oldies keep out?

There is a serious point here.  Over 1 million elderly people live in sunnier climes abroad, evolutionarily, because they sold there English homes.  But how many elderly people trapped in social housing would choose the same, and still be able to claim their pensions, probably a million more.  How many vacant/half built houses are they in the south of Spain?  1.6 million.

Spanish banks who have now repossessed these homes could swap them for social housing in the UK on which they could claim the receipts of affordable rents. Freeing up a million homes in the UK and bailing out a nation in one move, plus retiring in the sun and not Rotherham.  Spain has a surplus of homes we have a shortfall, the homes/jobs balance is not an issue if you are retired.  Its a no brainer.

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