Waverley #NPPF Response – ‘We fear that it is simply a developer‟s charter’

Fight to protect the Borough

Waverley fights to protect the future of Waverley by urging town and parish councils to respond to a controversial Government consultation.

The growing national debate about the Government’s controversial planning policy has prompted Waverley’s Leader of the Council, Councillor Robert Knowles to urge the Borough’s towns and parishes to respond to a national consultation.

If the suggested national planning policy is adopted, the proposed presumption would favour all new house building proposals. There would also be a requirement for Waverley planning committees to allocate an extra 20 per cent of housing on top of its existing plans for the building of new homes. This proposal has been described by Cllr Knowles as having ‘very serious consequences for boroughs like Waverley’ and comments that it would mean that ‘more new development will take place than our residents have told us they want’.

Cllr Knowles adds: “We are strongly against what is being proposed by the Government. Our towns and villages are already suffering the effects of a lack of adequate infrastructure and as a result our roads, schools and health services are full to bursting-point. The Government’s draft policy is completely unacceptable as it does nothing to ensure that proper infrastructure can be planned and delivered in advance of new housing being built. We object most intensely to the proposals and are lobbying hard on behalf of our communities and for the future of our countryside.”

Preserving the quality of the borough’s environment and improving the lives of its communities are key priorities for Waverley.

A detailed objection to the threat presented by the draft policy was debated by Waverley’s Executive on 4 October and at a meeting of the Full Council on 11 October.

Waverley’s response to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation questions

To see Waverley’s response to the National Planning Policy Framework consultation questions, please

Download Annexe 4 to the Executive Minutes – 4 October 2011 – NPPF Response.

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