The Full DCLG #NPPF Select Committee Programme

The Committee has received well over 100 written submissions to the inquiry, reflecting
the significant level of interest that the Government’s proposals have stimulated
amongst public, professionals and the media. These submissions will be published on the
Committee’s website on Tuesday 11 October.
The Committee plans to hold four oral evidence sessions, covering the following aspects
of the debate:

1 st oral evidence session – Monday 10 October, 4.20pm, Grimond Room, Portcullis House
• Will the draft NPPF be good for business?
Witnesses: British Chambers of Commerce; CBI; and John Rhodes, Quod Planning
• What are the main principles of the changes proposed by the NPPF?
Witnesses: Policy Exchange; Paul Cheshire, the London School of Economics; the
Town and Country Planning Association.

2 nd oral evidence session – Monday 17 October, 4.20pm, Grimond Room, Portcullis
• Different perspectives on the NPPF
Witnesses: Home Builders Federation, British Property Federation and the
National Trust
• The views of planning practitioners and planning authorities
Witnesses: the Planning Officers Society and the Local Government Association

3rd oral evidence session – Monday 24 October, 4.20pm, the Grimond Room, Portcullis
• The treatment of specific policy areas in the draft NPPF
• The views of environmental groups

Witnesses: to be confirmed

4 th oral evidence session – Monday 7 November, 4.20pm, the Grimond Room, Portcullis

• Summarising the major themes of the debate; the views of professional bodies
• DCLG Ministers
Witnesses: to be confirmed
Further information
Media queries during the course of this inquiry should be directed to the CLG Committee
Media Officer, Hannah Pearce on 0207 219 8430 or at .
Committee Membership is as follows: Clive Betts (Chair, Lab), Heidi Alexander (Lab), Bob
Blackman (Con), Simon Danczuk (Lab), Stephen Gilbert (Lib Dem), David Heyes (Lab), George
Hollingbery (Con), James Morris (Con) Mark Pawsey, (Con) , Steve Rotheram (Lab), Heather
Wheeler (Con).
Specific Committee Information: 020 7219 1353 or 020 7219 4972

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