Wales Promises an Independent Review before new Planning Bill in 2016

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First step towards new planning bill for Wales announced   

By Adam Branson Friday, 30 September 2011
A review of how the Welsh planning system should be delivered in the future was announced today by the Welsh planning minister.

Environment and sustainable development minister John Griffiths said that the review would be conducted by an independent advisory group under the chairmanship of John Davies, a former Welsh director at the Planning Inspectorate.
The review will inform a white paper, which the Welsh government expects to be published in 2013, and ultimately a new Planning Bill, which the minority Labour administration in Wales has pledged to bring forward before the next assembly elections in 2016.

Griffiths said: “I want to ensure that all those with an interest in planning have an opportunity to feed in their views and for those views to be considered before the Welsh Government brings forward a planning White Paper during 2013.”

The advisory group is expected to report in June next year.


One thought on “Wales Promises an Independent Review before new Planning Bill in 2016

  1. Decisions being made in the future by those who don’t need a house yesterday.

    No rush… dawdling along safe in the knowledge they have a roof over their heads. Dum de dum de dum….

    Just wait until the muck hits the fan.

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