Housebuilding Slump Gets Worse #NPPF

24 Dash

Latest figures from the National House Building Council (NHBC) has shown that the level of house building is stagnating, threatening to lock future generations out of owning a home.

In August 9,978 new homes were registered with NHBC – a drop from 11,310 the month before – and in August 2010, almost the same number of homes (9,954) were registered.

NHBC Chief Executive Imtiaz Farookhi said: “At a time of significant national debate about the planning process, our registration figures support what is increasingly being recognised by objective commentators. This is that the number of homes being built is simply too low to support the needs of the UK population.

“Insufficient supply inevitably leads to higher prices and this is creating a two tier Britain, split between those lucky enough to already own a desirable property and the younger generation who can see their own aspirations of home ownership dashed by unwillingness at local level to build the homes that would make that possible. It is impossible to see this as anything other than social divide.”

Five years ago in 2006, 185,000 new homes were built. In the first eight months of this year, that figure is more than 100,000 homes lower (72,827).


One thought on “Housebuilding Slump Gets Worse #NPPF

  1. Disingenuous is quickly becoming the standard description for those seeking to criticise those wishing to question the soundness of the NPPF.
    This gentleman refers to the current debate and then suggests these figures are living proof that the NPPF is the way forward. This conveniently ignores the many thousands of extant planning permissions that are hanging in the air, not because of the planning system, but becuase all of those young people he is busy wringing his hands over, can’t get any money from his friends the bankers.

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