30 JD Sports Stores Raided – Guardian #londonriots

Peter Cowgill, the executive chairman of JD Sports, which has been one of the worst hit companies, said: “I feel like being physically sick. The way it has gone viral is so depressing.
He estimates that up to 30 of his stores have been damaged, some seriously so, and that the financial impact for his chain alone is “a substantial multi-million pound bill”, probably in excess of £10m.
He expressed frustration that not only had looters had the temerity to try on shoes before stealing them, they had also calmly queued up at tills to take off the security tags, before popping them into JD Sports carrier bags.
“It just shows a high level of confidence that fundamentally you are not going to get apprehended.”

Does Regeneration Require a Riot? #londonriots

Sadly history tells us that it does, although not all cities benefited.

The Brixton Riots gave us City Challenge.

The property damage from the riots were £7.5 million. Though this was subject to statutory compensation, and indirect damage from loss of business was considerable.

Brixton City Challenge subsequently spent £37.5 million.

By the mid 1990s Brixton was booming, though arguably the City Challenge process has benefited property developers more than unemployed residents the area had been turned around.

For other places the equation is less clear. The Toxteth riots, the area has never really recovered.

Broadwater Farm, Tottenham never got the big regeneration money, apart from the farce of the New Deal for Communities in Seven Sisters (I can safely say that having worked for them).

St Pauls in Bristol has attracted considerable regeneration monies and despite problems has a bohemian reputation.

Handsworth continues to be a powederkeg, it had small disturbances last night.

Top police split on use of plastic bullets #londonriots

According to the Guardian

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh of the Metropolitan police told our crime correspondent, Sandra Laville: “If we need to, we will do so.”

Whilst Sir Hugh Orde speaking to SKY a moment ago said that this tactic was superseded 20 years ago and we would not want that kind of police force.

He even said that those advocating such tactics ‘do not know what they are talking about’

Clealy Brian Paddick’s concerns that no-one at the top of the met is a public order specialists is coming to fruition.

The sooner either Paddick or Orde can take over as commissioner the better.

Will existing prisoners be released early to make space for #londonriots ?

Sir High Orde on Sky now saying this morning that the Justice Secretary and the Prime Minister have given him the assurance this a.m. that ‘space will be found’ in the prison system. That can only mean one thing, releasing existing prisoners early, given the Justice Departments budget constraints and the inability to build new prisons in a matter of weeks.