The Lost City of Koningsberg

Koningsberg, now Kalingrad, was once one of the great cities of Europe, marking the far eastern regional capital of Prussia and historically a Baltic city state.  It was the birthplace of Kant.

During the War it was almost totally destroyed and replanned in the worst possible Stalinist manner.  There was no reason it could not have been rebuilt as Warsaw was.  As a Free Trade Zone, unique in Russia, it represents an enormous economic opportunity, imagine a cross between Hong Kong (on the Baltic) and Dresden (the centre now largely rebuilt to pre-war designs).  It grew at 10%/year GDP 2004-2007, faster than any other region.  

These photos are from a Russian archive showing photos of the city at the beginning of the 20th Century and today from the same viewpoints.

The low density of the city centre means that it is potentially a resource worth billions of roubles to the city – if properly planned.

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