Kevin McCloud’s First HAB Housing Scheme Launched – and Dissappoints

Press Launch for the first scheme in Kevin McCloud’s Hab commerical housing project.

Very underwhelming – like grey cottages in a forlorn head of the valleys village.

The street frontage neither achieves a front garden of a clear urban street edge, the fenestration lacks all balance and composition, and reminds you of a 1940s prefab, the colour pallet is a wet afternoon in Greenock, the use of materials is clodding, and the front bike racks are simply impractical- insecure and backbreaking; and as for the revetments – this isn’t the Baghdad Green Zone; the front doors invite a burglars sledgehammer. Back to the drawing board Kevin for such an ‘obviously bad’ scheme.  (lesson to Swindon and all DM planners not to be star struck).


3 thoughts on “Kevin McCloud’s First HAB Housing Scheme Launched – and Dissappoints

  1. you have to consider the comparative houses that are being built instead of these… drab stereotypical housing estates that involve standard buildings used time and time again on multiple developments, there’s no originality to them anymore. in my opinion the houses are simply beautiful, and a recent survey agrees with me, stating that 26.4% of the UK would like to live in a modern home. they are affordable to run, have an ingenious natural ventilation system that counteracts the side effects of such an air tight insulated building and have an understated beauty when looked upon as an overall development. I personally think your views are sadly outdated and people will and already have started embracing this kind of architecture due to its obvious benefits, still at a reasonable budget.
    and the bike racks are brilliant, they encourage a greener lifestyle instantly.. rather than having your bike tucked away in the garage or the shed, its right by your front door (but crucially stored in a way not to obstruct the door), persuading you to hop on it to the shops rather than get in your car

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