Is Ken Shuttleworth the world’s worst architect?

I dont like criticising architects, especially when they are bold.  In my career I have often had to instruct architects on conceptual schemes and crit their drawings.

But Make and Ken Shuttleworth are a disgrace.

This formless and inelegent confusion doesnt even cut it as sculpture and is nothing more than an excuse for a giant advertising hoarding.  The phrase perfuming a turd comes to mind.

It would likley make the (sadly defunct) Bad British Buildings Blog and win the Carbunkle cup, which he nearly won in 2009 and 2010.

Stuart Lipton has described their City scheme the worst he has ever seen.

Ken Shuttleworth defends his monsters with the saying. “A city is like a garden,”  “Things grow up, you chop them back, new things grow. That’s what keeps it alive. It’s not about sentiment; it’s about what works.”

Time for some pruning Ken.

2 thoughts on “Is Ken Shuttleworth the world’s worst architect?

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