If Liverpool wants High Speed Rail it Needs to Rebuild Crown Street Station

Liverpool LEP is campaigning to the government to have a direct HSR2 link setting out the benefits.

But this is not the reason it has been excluded.  Lime street is too small – 260m platform length – it needs 400m, and its approach is too tight.

If Liverpool wants HSR there is an obvious potential site.  The site of the disused Crown Street station – now a park, which has a disused railway line running to it.  All is needed is to shift a school playground and ssome housisng on Angela Street.  It was the world first intercity station.  It would become a major new focal point rejuvenating Edgehill and Toxteth.  If the LEP is serious it needs to solve the technical issue above all else.    The station could easily be linked to the city centre by tram.

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  1. Liverpool Lime Street could be served by High Speed Trans: they don’t have to be 400m long, nor of larger loading gauge (cross-section) than existing trains. It just needs some market leadership of the project and its engineering, sadly absent from the technocracy and politicians who push it now.. JM

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