Shall We Send Inspectors to Charm School after the Boles GB Letter?

An amusing anecdote has come my way of a briefing in Bradford that the result of this letter is that inspectors need to be more polite – and that the subsequent ‘clarification’ means nothing policy wise has changed (not of course the impression Chrispin Blunt MP and local politicians in R&B have got after meeting Boles and Anchorman).

No it wasnt because the inspector was rude or patronizing in his report – they seemingly only do that in section 78 hearings – I jest.  No Boles was concerned that the ‘words’ used implied that in order to comply with national policy they had to delete Green Belt – rather than proposing in themselves (after errr… complying with government policy).  The ‘words’ were simply pointing out the bleeding obvious.  It seems that the course inspectors need to be sent on is not charm school but the same school the foreign office sends diplomats on when being assigned to North Korea.

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  1. Amusing. Crispin not Chrispin. As you were.

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