The Worlds Easiest job – The Lebanese Minister for Railways

The fantasy plans for a high speed rail link from Tehran to Damascus are highly unlikely as Syria cant even gets its act together on reopening the Damascus – Beruit link at barely 5% of the distance.

In fact being head of the Lebanese Ministry for Railways must be the easiest job in the world as it no longer has a single km of functioning railway, all of its infrastructure being destroyed in the Lebanese Civil war.

It reminds me of an economic consultant for Bahrain who reckoned the island should build and export railway engines – err what railways?

In fact once, due ton the efforts of the British, French, Prussian, Austrian and Ottoman empires it was possible to catch a train all of the way from Kyle of Localsh to Damascus.

The US spends per day in Iraq twenty times the estimated restoration costs of the Beirut-Damascus railway.


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  1. Hello,

    I believe the rail line went all the way to Mecca (or was it Medina?) so lawrence could blow it up.

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