Is Anywhere worse than Lancashire for Plan Coverage? – Yes Several Places #NPPF

Kirkwalls asks:

Is anywhere as backward at coming forward when it comes to local planning as Lancashire?

We ask this question, because a piece of research we have undertaken shows only 4 out of 13 Lancashire local authorities (31%) have adopted a core strategy. Admittedly, only two have not consulted on at least options, but this is a very worrying state of affairs.

Yes from research we have undertaken which will be published next week (and covering a much wider brief on the NPPF impact) by April only one LPA in Warwickshire will have an adopted plan (18% by land area), on In Worcs (115), In in Oxfordshire (2%, two in Herts (9%), and one in Lincs (15%), and none in East Sussex.  The former counties of East Riding, Cornwall and Herfordshire also have no core strategy coverage.

Norfolk for some reason has 98% coverage.

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  1. I wonder about the position in Essex. It’s particularly concerning in my own area, Uttlesford, which contains four historic market towns And a network of villages, with no approved core strategy.

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