Labour Leader Barking and Dagenham – No Iceland Ad mansions here!

The Sun

SUPERMARKET Iceland has angered locals in Dagenham by pretending that Stacey Solomon lives there in a mansion.

Its festive TV ads show the X Factor star heading to a grand detached house while singing Driving Home For Christmas.

Stacey, 22, was born and raised in Dagenham.

But residents in the gritty Essex town — home to a Ford car plant — say there are no such homes in the area. One, Cole Dines, said: “No one here owns mansions.”

The local council leader, Labour’s Darren Rodwell, said: “Iceland is trying to paint this angelic picture because it looks better than a two-bed semi.

“There isn’t a house like it in Dagenham.”

The Advertising Standards Agency said no rules were broken.

Iceland said: “The sentiment is intended to convey that at Christmas many people travel back to their home towns.”

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  1. No there isn’t, but then the place has been run by Labour for decades – go figure!

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