More Migration Watch and Sun Lies on Immigration and Housing

The Sun headline today booms – ‘Migrants need 415,000 new council homes’ over the next 25 years. Based on a report by migration watch.

As we have reported on earlier there is a fundamental flaw in their figures as less than half of net international migration translates into household formation. This has led to them to overestimate the contribution to housing need from immigration by 141%.

This error is repeated in their estimate of need for new Council housing published today, even though I directly pointed this out to them. There refusal to correct and response show that they have a racist axe to grind and their ‘research’ is not to be trusted.

They make an additional error in the new report which they try to conceal. Their gross total figure for new council housing demand includes EU migration. Of course this is almost balanced out by UK citizens working in the rest of the EU. 28% of all immigration is from the EU. If for example we pulled out of the EU, hypothetically, UK citizens working in the EU might have to leave and vice versa. So the migration watch figures overestimate the proportion of council house homes caused by immigration by 1.28 x 1.41=180%

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